Saturday, January 10, 2009



Hey readers. I'm trying out this  'Windows Live Writer' so we'll see how it goes.


Anyway, this is just an update about my youtube account. It got suspended because of copyright reasons. So, I started a new account. Here is the link of my new account 'TigreFan15'. PLEASE subscribe me and I will promise to post oftenly. :)


Thanks for you time.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Argentina photos!

Hey READERS! Here are some fotos from my trip!

The night before the wedding. =]
English style phone booth?
Sound meter
Two uncles, one boludio!

Hope you liked them! I'll post more later.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Live from Argentina - Day 5 and 6

Wow, it´s getting hard tokeep up with this. I don´t have too much computer access so it might get difficult writing everyday.
The past few days, I have spent a lot of time with family and friends. Unfortunately, I couldn´t get any pictures in as my camara is arriving tomorrow. So I will post a more formal story tomorrow and the following days after that. All in all, I´m okay! Bombarded with comments and questions such as ´Oh, Does Coca-Cola exist there?´or ´Are there malls over there?´. Yea, it´s fun. Well, Im gonna go, I´ll try to write tomorrow. Bye!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Boca vs. Velez

Hey, scroll down for my new post.

So as you know, I went to see Boca vs. Velez. I had plateo seats which is right beside the field. Here are the stats.
BOCA vs. VELEZ (2-3)Yellow cards : Velez - 3, Boca - 1
Goals: Velez - Uglessich, Cabrera and Cristaldo
Boca - Palacio, Forlin
Here are some photos.

It was a great game. I´ll write again later. BYE

Live from Argentina - Day 3 and 4

Hey readers. Sorry I didn´t post. I had no access to a computer.

Day 3
On Saturday, we stayed in bed to about 12:30m since we had stayed up until 4:30 playing FIFA '08 at a friends house. We then went to eat at the mall with Paco, Martin, Florencia, and my grandma. Here are some photos of that day, in which we really didn´t do much.

Me standing at a barbeque. THE SUN WAS IN MY EYES.

We went to eat with some of Martin´s high school friends.

And that´s about it for day three.

Day 4

Ah, day four. We wake up, 12:00 again, and eat breakfast. Then we play a little PS2 , in which I won this time, and headed out to pick up the tickets. We were going to go see Boca vs. Velez in which I will post about separate because that way I get more readers. We ate at Puerto Madero which was a very nice place. Then we went to the game. The field was huge and you have no idea on the amount of swearing I heard. After the game, we went to Martin´s to shower because I had glitter in my hair that came from the Boca bandana. Then we went to my grandma´s house to say hi to my cousins and I slept there. Two pictures this time.

La Bombonera, the Boca Juniors field.

Outside the Bombonera

That´s it for the two days I missed. Thanks for reading. Check back soon.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Live from.....Argentina - Day #2

Hey, sorry about the name last post. It was supposed to be LIVE FROM ARGENTINA.
Im going to start with pictures again then a story or two.

Guess Who??

An office at the company Martin "manages".

So today, we went and picked ´up my grandma at the airport. We took her to her apartment and then went out for Pizza. We then went SHOPPING! Lol, no it was fun. I got two soccer jerseys which I wish to give to my friends who asked for them. We are now at Martin's office. Paco is coming so I will check in in a bit.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life from....... Argentina!

Hey readers!
I have safely arrived to Argentina. The flight was looonnnggg and boring.... I think I slept 3 hours.
I´ll post some pictures from the trip!!

The Andes Mountains in Chile!

My Plane!!!!Yea, I don´t know him.

So my flight(s) were fun except the one from Chile to Buenos Aires. The plane was small and it was very boring. It was cool though. Me and my uncle Paco went to the Hard Rock Cafe. We had ´Chicken Tenders´ with ¨Heavy Metal¨sauce. Paco was crying because it was too spicy. HAHAHA, just kidding. He took it like a man. He bought me a Hard Rock T-Shirt and I bought myself a cool Ferrari one.

So here we sit, watching Estudiantes vs. Argentinos Juniors, with Paco, Martin, Daniel, and Florencia (Paco´s girlfriend). I´ll check back in tomorrow with more pictures and more stories. I´m off to eat asado with family. PEACE OUT!