Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life from....... Argentina!

Hey readers!
I have safely arrived to Argentina. The flight was looonnnggg and boring.... I think I slept 3 hours.
I´ll post some pictures from the trip!!

The Andes Mountains in Chile!

My Plane!!!!Yea, I don´t know him.

So my flight(s) were fun except the one from Chile to Buenos Aires. The plane was small and it was very boring. It was cool though. Me and my uncle Paco went to the Hard Rock Cafe. We had ´Chicken Tenders´ with ¨Heavy Metal¨sauce. Paco was crying because it was too spicy. HAHAHA, just kidding. He took it like a man. He bought me a Hard Rock T-Shirt and I bought myself a cool Ferrari one.

So here we sit, watching Estudiantes vs. Argentinos Juniors, with Paco, Martin, Daniel, and Florencia (Paco´s girlfriend). I´ll check back in tomorrow with more pictures and more stories. I´m off to eat asado with family. PEACE OUT!


Mike said...

Cool, Santi!
Enjoy Martinez!
Enjoy Unicenter!
But, most important... enjoy your family!!!!!
Lastima que ya regrese a Pehuajo, sino me daba una vuelta por donde estas para saludarte. Si llegara a viajar a Martinez antes que te vayas, paso.
Good luck!

Gabriel said...

Mike, si llegas a pasar por MTZ en serio avisa porque Santi tiene otro webkinz para Valentina!

Mike said...

Difícil que vaya hasta Navidad...
Victoria vive ahí...

Anonymous said...

Nice pics from the airplane!
Have a nice time with your family.

Paco said...

Llorando por la salsa??? Mentiroso!! A mi me encanta la comida picante....